Eva Hornecker

Dipl. Inform, Dr.-Ing.
  eva(at)ehornecker(dot)de or: eva(dot)hornecker(at)uni(slash)weimar(dot)de

Professor of HCI

at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany, chairing the Human Computer Interaction group in the Computer Science and Media department , in the Faculty of Media since February 2013. I lead our HCI master (MSc) program

From autumn 2008 I was a SICSA lecturer at the University of  Strathclyde, co-leading the Mobiquitous Lab in Glasgow, UK. I retained a guest affiliation with the CIS Dept. at the University of Strathclyde until 2016. I worked at several places before, including the UK's Open University, Sussex University, the Vienna University of Technology, and the HitLabNZ, following my PhD in Bremen, Germany.

Research Opportunities: These include visiting research periods (for a theses) or if you have any other ideas for collaborations, drop me an email!

Weimar students: if you are interested in doing a bachelor/master thesis in HCI, please contact me!


Eva was an SC (Subcommittee Chair) for the 'Experience' theme of ACM DIS 2017 in Hongkong.

Interactive costumes developed by a student project and my PhD student Michaela Honauer have been staged successfully in June 2017 with the children-and-youth ballet of the Theatre Gera/Altenburg, in a performance of 'Die kleine Meerjungfrau' (the little mermaid) and will be shown in 2018 again... Our team developed costumes for the seahorse, jellyfish, and for the sea witch, in collaboration with the theatre house.

ACM ToCHI article The To-and-Fro of Sense Making: Supporting Users'Active Indexing in Museums " published, as well as two joint articles with Trevor Hogan ('The Elicitation Interview Technique: Capturing People’s Experiences of Data Representations' in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, and "Towards a Design Space for Multisensory Data Representation" in Interacting with Computers.
And we were involved in 4 presentations at CHI'17 (case study, 2 full papers, ToCHI article)!

We've published an interactions article presenting some of the core ideas and motivations of our EU meSch project that UoS is involved in. meSch has the goal of co-designing novel platforms for the creation of tangible exhibits at heritage sites, based on DIY technologies, so that curators can offer visitors new interactive experiences by means of material interaction with smart objects. meSch finished in February 2017 and received very enthusiastic reviews from the evaluators :-) We are only sad that it is over, it was such a great project to be on!.

My research interests are the design and user experience of 'beyond the desktop' interaction (this includes multitouch surfaces, tangible interaction, whole-body interaction, mobile devices, and physical(ly embedded) computing), support of social/collaborative interactions, and, very generally, the social/societal implications of technology. One of my specific areas of interest is in interactive museum installations.

My group also researches on e-textiles and interactive costumes for the stage, media architecture, augmented learning systems, and actuated / shape-changing interfaces.

We often collaborate with the Media Architecture Master program, and jointly developed an interactive facade mapping for a festival in Meiningen. We also were part of a large team developing an installation/event 'Die Ermittler' for the Weimar Kunstfest 2016 (photos here) .

Report on creatorsproject about the facade mapping event in the city of Meiningen in August 2014, celebrating the 100 year commemoration of Duke George II . Our students built a machine for the audience to steer the projections with.

Our 'Interactive Costumes' student project was demoed at the WearIT Festival in Berlin in October 2014

Eva co-chaired the TEI Graduate Student Consortium 2016 in Eindhoven.

She was a TPC member for ACM UbiComp'16, an AC for DIS'16 and DIS'17 on the 'Experience' track, on the TPC for Creativity&Cognition 2015 and 2017, an AC for ACM CHI'14 and CHI'13, Theme Chair on the 'Design Processes' theme for ACM DIS'12, and  ACM CHI'12 Interactivity Explorations chair.

Old stuff:

Jürgen Steimle, Albrecht Schmidt and me edited a special issue of the German Computer Science Assocatiations main magazine Informatik-Spektrum on 'Interaction Beyond the Desktop' (Vol 37, Iss. 5) Oct. 2014

Spring 2011 to end of 2014 I was forum editor for an article series on Tangible and Embodied Interaction for ACM's interaction magazine. Check out my intro article in the ACM DL and the list of published articles !

The Tangible Interaction Framework thinking about physical space and social interaction

A new, beautifully designed version of the Tangible Interaction Framework Brainstorming Card Game is available (thanks to Elisabeth Eichhorn Berlin/Potsdam!)


Need to update with Weimar photos!!!

The best thing about the Livingstone Tower is the views of Glasgow...

Photos from Glasgow and Scotland - beautiful city and country...

from beautiful Brighton and surrounds('05/6)     
from a visit home in my PhD-time town BREMEN (07)

from NZ ('06/7) on flickr
    (this is only 1/3d...) Most of what I know in beautiful Christchurch is now in ruins due to the recent earthquake. Its painful to look at some of these pictures...

from Boulder, Colorado (2001)